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Therapy & Counselling: 

With literally hundreds of different types of psychotherpies practiced today, sorting them out can be very confusing for those seeking services. If you are seeking to address a mental health or relationship issue with the help of a professional, it's important that you choose a therapist who has an approach that makes sense for you. If you find yourself disagreeing with the ideas and approach that the therapist uses, you'll be much less likely to make progress in therapy.

One essential prerequisite for good treatment outcome is establishing rapport with your counsellor. Rapport refers to the comfort level that you feel in working with him or her. This includes feeling that your counsellor cares for you, understands what is going on in your life, and is working with to help you achieve your goals. If this sense of teamwork or rapport is not there, ask to be transferred to another counsellor or look for a better fit for yourself. you'll make much more progress if you have strong rapport with your counsellor than if you don't regardless of the type of therapy being used. 


"We had grown apart, living two separate lives under the same roof. We hadn't been intimate for almost 7 years. With Renate's help, we were able to resolve our relationship frustrations and to reconnect both emotionally and romantically" ~~ Robert and Melissa

"The anger management tools helped me to control my temper and gain insight into my moods. I stopped being angry the world and began to live a more balanced, happy life." ~~ Michael

" For so long, I felt powerless and afraid. Renate challenged me to grow and move forward with my life. Thank you, so much. I have my life back." ~~ Jennifer

"Renate was encouraging and supportive. She helped me with my issues. My self-esteem improved and my fiance and I are back on track to getting married." ~~ Lisa

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service possible

Three Locations to Serve You:

 Century Place

210 - 347 Leon Ave

Kelowna, BC V1Y 8C7

201, 2903 - 32 Avenue

Vernon, B.C.

V1T 2L9

Rural Office

24 Rangeview Road

Lumby, BC

V0E 2G5

Contact Info:

Phone: (250) 878-0602

Fax: (250) 861-4247


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